15 Julai 2012

Buat Anda Tersenyum ^__^ [2]

 Dikongsikan drp FB kawan MamaZN
Sangat suka
Sebab bleh release tension sket la bila baca
Mode : Senyum sengsorang dibuatnya =p

@ComedyTruth: Laughing is the best medicine. But laughing for no reason, you need medicine :)

@ComedyTruth: Grandpa: "Go hide, your teacher is here because you skipped school today!" 
Me: "No you go hide. I told her you were dead!"
@ComedyTruth: Skype Conversations: 5% Hey, how are you? 95% CAN YOU HEAR ME?!?

@ComedyTruth: Kid update : Dad on Facebook now. WTF! 
Dad comment : What is wtf son? 
Kid : "welcome to facebook"

 @ComedyTruth: A tear is made of 1% water & 99% of feelings.

@ComedyTruth: My mom thinks LOL stands for "lots of love". 
She just texted me "Your grandfather just died. LOL."

Happy weekend guys! :)
Owh, esok dah Isnin! Hmmmm


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